15 August Tai Chi Works 0
Summer is nearly over.  Time to try something new?  Why not try Tai Chi.  
2 beginners Tai Chi classes starting in Southmead from the first week in September.  
Tuesday 11 - 12am at The Greenway.  Cost £6 (concessions...Read more

Approval given for landmark Southmead housing development! United Communities and HAB Housing have been given approval for landmark Southmead housing development....Read more

03 August Resident Gill Waines 0

“I did joke that 20 years ago you couldn’t pay someone to live here and now it’s a desirable place to be!”

The Cost of Living

I was born and brought up in Southmead, I went to school here, and with

...Read more
01 August The Mead 0

Many of us in the community are trying to imagine life after the retirement of Southmead Super-Stars Irene and Ian Thornley.

IT & IT have lived and worked in Southmead for more than 30 years and have supported the community in many...Read more