News contributed by Southmead Residents, workers, and anyone who wants to connect with our community. Initial content for the directory was input by the Southmead Development Trust, funded with a grant from the Southmead Fourteen fund. The first phase of the website was designed with a grant from Bristol City Council’s Wellbeing fund. The current website was designed with the help of Volunteers and a grant from the Southmead Fourteen Fund. The Mead website and The Mead monthly printed edition are run by Volunteers.

Southmead? Where’s that?

Southmead is an area in the North of Bristol. It’s great place to live, with a strong community of residents who work together and inspire each other. The Mead BS10 is our local newspaper and website.

Why submit content to The Mead BS10?

Whether you’re a resident, worker or community group, sharing your news, events and articles on the Mead means exposing thousands of people to your content.

Everything contributed to the Mead website will be shared on our growing Twitter and Facebook pages.

In addition to this, we select news pieces, notices and articles written by Southmead residents and workers, every month, to be featured in the monthly paper version of the Mead BS10. The website calendar is also used to generate a What’s On guide in the printed edition of The Mead BS10.

We also accept advertisements in both the paper and web editions of The Mead BS10. Contact us for more information.

How did the Mead BS10 website start?

The idea for the website came from the Southmead Community Plan as residents wanted better communications.

The Plan is divided into 9 chapters and the action group for the Communications Chapter took the idea forward. Southmead Development Trust, as a Community Plan partner, sought for, applied for and won Wellbeing funding to pay for the construction of a website, as well as a worker to input initial content (funded by Southmead Fourteen).

The Mead Group is currently seeking funds to further develop the functions of the website.

The Mead BS10 is run by Southmead residents and workers. Do you have an area of interest you’d like to help us with? Contact us.

Deana Perry – Inclusion Editor

“Hi – I am Deana Perry and I am Secretary of Team Southmead (resident led community action).I volunteer for many things and a few years ago I helped with the creation of the Southmead Community Plan.Residents filled out surveys and when asked how they found out what was happening in Southmead there were only two forms of communication – word of mouth and The Mead.This shows how important The Mead is and when I deliver it to the sheltered accommodations the residents are so happy to receive them they literally rip them out of my hands!We are working on notice-boards for Southmead (I know we have only been talking about it for five years, but we are nearly there I promise). However, some residents cannot get out and about easily, so The Mead is their lifeline to what is going on in Southmead. I want to encourage EVERYONE to write their own story”.
Karen White – Children’s Editor

Resident Karen White has eight-year-old twins Alex and Ethan. Karen’s passion is to empower children from all backgrounds to reach their full potential. She has been Chair of Horfield School Association and is about to become a Governor there. Karen will encourage Southmead kids to write and draw items for us and to liaise with residents and workers about getting their articles about kids-stuff in to The Mead. We hope Karen will write items too:“I’m really pleased to be taking up this role; it’s important that all children have their voices heard and feel part of the world they grow up in”.
Mike Murch – History Editor

"I was born in Southmead and have lived around here most of my life. I am a local volunteer and also secretary of the BS10 Parks and Planning Group. I played Edgar Meadows in the recent Southmead Soap Opera and am a member of the Southmead History Group; I have a great interest in history of any kind and would like to hear from anyone with a story to tell, particularly about early life in Southmead."